So, what is the Acai Berry?

The Acai Berry (pronounced, ah-sigh-EE) comes principally in two forms: the White (more green in colour) Acai Berry and the Black (purple in reality) Acai Berry.  The nutritional value we will be discussing throughout the site is focused on the Black / Purple Acai Berries, as the White Acai Berries have not yet been found to contain the same, high quality, nutritional components that we are looking for in Acai Berry products, that can help to supplement our healthy living.

The Acai Berry can be found in the swamplands from Belize, down through to the jungles of Brazil, and is essentially a palm tree. Each branch panicle produces between 700 – 900 fruits, and the Acai Berry itself is approximately 1 inch in size with a large pip, with the pulp content less than that of a grape. It has a unique taste, producing a combination of flavours similar to that of chocolate and berries.

Acai Berries & Indigenous Communities

The Stem of the Acai Palm is mostly used in salads, and has been widely used as a core food source by some of the Indigenous Amazon communities for hundreds of years. In fact, Acai Berries make up over 40% of their food intake in the region to this day. The rest of the Acai Palm Tree also provides substantial benefits to the indigenous communities. The trunk can be used as a construction material, in particular because it is resistant to pests. It can also be used to extract minerals. The leaves from the Acai Palm are harvested to make all sorts of crafts, and help generate local income, ranging from the sale of mats and brooms, through to creating shelter for homes in the form of thatched roofs.

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